“We want our members to feel comfortable and welcome at BZ-Business Center, to develop their personal and professional skills, and mingle with other like minded people. We are sure that this is the foundation thatallows companies to thrive, projects be successful and make staff to be happy. Our individuelized and professional concept makes the mark with focus towards the needs of our members and their further development on a continuous basis. We are prepared to respond to the challenges and developments of new work.

At the location in Hamburg, opposit St. Michaelis one of the of the city´s landmarks, BZ Business Center offers private offices, workspaces, meeting and conference areas of around 1,800sqm. Members include a wide range of companies from various industries and institutions from Germany and abroad. It is part of our aim to connect people by offering several networking possibilities by in-house community events and a virtual member platform to contribute to a growing community of professionals.”